The five-star boutique hotel, Lydmar Hotel, is situated on historic Stockholm grounds. The property on Blasieholmen, often referred to as the Edelstam House, was built in 1829 as a private residence and acquired its current form during a renovation in 1881, designed by architect Axel Kumlien.


Lydmar Hotel opened its doors in 2008, with founder Pelle Lydmar aiming to create a top-class meeting place from the very beginning. Today, the hotel dubs itself a “second generation lifestyle hotel,” boasting an international, exclusive, and consciously sophisticate atmosphere. Lydmar Hotel is passion from start to finish, especially when it comes to music and photography. Apart from an impressive photo collection of its own, exhibitions range from 60s rock ‘n’ roll to war photography from Dagestan; meticulously selected and curated.


Nude Ateljé’s collaboration with Lydmar Hotel began in 2017 with an invitation to renovate the hotel’s suite. The concept World Citizen – Slightly Different was developed, and its success led to a further collaboration. In 2018, Nude Ateljé began updating the hotel’s remaining 45 rooms and four living rooms. Each room’s unique character was to be preserved, and the World Citizen concept was further developed with a detailed color scheme and material palette. Throughout the process, it was crucial to preserve and enhance the feeling of a private residence. The catchwords throughout were Elegant, Cultured, and Bold, embodied through timeless, modern, and elegant furniture, items showcasing eclectic and international collecting and cultural interests, and bold, unexpected, and fashionable material and textile choices.


The project spanned a year, with the goal of imbuing the rooms with a contemporary international atmosphere, yet simultaneously a feeling of home. This was achieved by creating layers upon layers with materials, textiles, and furniture. Nude Ateljé custom-designed a range of furniture, procured many new pieces, while also restoring a number of the hotel’s furniture.